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help me write a song

I Need Someone to Help Me Write a Song

It’s not easy being a new artist. Especially in the field of music, one of the toughest parts involves getting started with the creative process and moving on a good track. The inability to write a song can literally stop a new venture cold. That’s because it involves far more than just coming up with a good beat or musical set of notes. Wording and lyrics can make or break a song before it even gets started coming together. Partnering with an expert songwriter can be the key in finding a breakthrough in the creative ice block. TEN. has spent years developing a professional skill set in songwriting, lyrics management and song presentation in various genres. With this, you can achieve a solid direction forward on your music creation and stop getting stuck in the mental mud on lyrics. So instead of looking for someone to help me write a song, your focus with WhoIsTen can be when do we hit the big time.

Needing an Artist to Collaborate With
Finding the right partnership is often the key in modern music-making. You want to be able to tap into someone who has depth, experience, industry wisdom and street smarts. That’s not an easy combination to find in one person. However, for Arlington rappers, the key is all put together in the very capable hands of Tatenda Ndlovu and his WhoIsTen Productions. Having collaborated repeatedly with rap and beat artists for years, Ndlovu’s approach is perfect for authentic music creation of the first order. So, if you’re looking for a genuine Arlington artist to collaborate with and you keep running into a lot of chatter and talk but no substance, then it’s time to connect with Ndlovu and WhoIsTen. Stop wasting any further time running around and get started with your next project in music collaboration that actually produces real, connect product in lyrics, wording and concepts that matter to listeners.

WhoIsTEN productions

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