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local singer/songwriter

How to Find a Local Singer/Songwriter

What is the difference between authentic music and packaged, corporate music one might find on mainstream radio or the TV? One is local and the other comes from a factory studio. If you’re looking for a real experience in music to work with in Arlington, then you’re going to want a local singer/songwriter who has an ear for real wording that has an impact in music. And that someone is Tatenda Ndlovu. Working through his WhoIsTen Productions, Ndlovu produces, sings, writes and collaborates on local music regularly, working with dozens of Arlington rappers, singers and beat producers every day. Not only are you going to get an authentic product with your music creation working with Ndlovu, but he can also provide insight on how to move forward. So if you want the difference in your next project to stand out right away in the Arlington scene, it’s time to connect with TEN.

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