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Line Up a Good Performer For Venues

One of the ongoing challenges for a popular venue is making sure that you have a steady flow of good entertainment lined up weekly or even monthly. That can practically become a part-time job in itself if you have to run around a lot drumming up solid performance who are actually available. The result is that it takes time away from running your business and becomes an added burden just to generate crowds and attendance. TEN. can help. Ndlovu’s connections with the beat production, rap and music community in Arlington opens up a natural channel for proven performance so that your venue is always stocked on the calendar with crowd-attractors and attendance. Instead of worrying about having dead weekend nights with nothing solid, your schedule is going to be jam-packed. And that means solid ticket numbers every week as well as revenue generation.

Tapping Into the Arlington Music Scene
Connecting to the Arlington music scene means getting to the very grassroots level of where the newest music is being created. You’re not going to reach or access this level of music artist availability without going through a good connection. The traditional methods of working through distributors or store marketing channels are outdated and oftentimes dead ends. Instead, a true tap into the Arlington music scene starts with an insider like Tatenda Ndlovu. Due to his love for music, music creation, lyrics collaboration, rap and beat production, he has his finger on the Arlington music artist pulse. Stop asking WhoIsTEN and get connected today.

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