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rappers in arlington

Getting Connected With Rappers in Arlington

If you’re new to town and you’re trying to connect with rappers in Arlington, then you’re going to need an inside connection to make that happen. Tatenda Ndlovu is your name to remember. He’s been involved with the local scene extensively as an artist, collaborator, producer, lyrics writer and more. So, if you’re working on that next story or you’re trying to get a handle on how to set up a network with Arlington rappers, don’t go to the business side for your first contacts. You’re just going to get the runaround.

It's Time for Quality Rap Producers Arlington Partnerships
The worst mistake any rapper can make is saddle up with someone who is all talk but has no real experience, depth or connection with what it takes to put out a production today. Long gone are the days when everyone is running around throwing fresh-burned CDs to the crowd at a venue. Now it’s all about the digital world, track channels, viral awareness boosting, and name recognition online. And if your producer doesn’t know how to gel your tracks to a quality recording, it all turns into a big mess later on. Start with a solid name in the local scene first; TEN. should be your contact for all things production. You’ll get going on the right foot, the packaging will be solid, and most importantly you’re not dealing with someone who is all talk and no substance.

WhoIsTen productions

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